[LATE POST] The Island Hopping Experience

The Island Hopping Experience – We started around 10AM, we also joined with the other tourist who are also going on an island hopping. We first went to Crocodile Island for our snorkeling session. Next is the Crystal Cove (entrance fee 200php/head), where we explored 2 different caves. Had a buffet lunch and last is the Puka Beach. Not bad for 700php/head (low season rate).


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[LATE POST] Must see… Boracay

Boracay is not “just” a place but there are “alot” of places, activities you can do explore in this island.

If you’re just a beach bum and just enjoy watching people walking here and there, watching the famous sunset of Boracay is for you. I had to walk all the way from Station 1 to 3 to feel the difference of each place. If you prefer a more quiet place you should check Station 1. This is also were the expensive hotels are. Station 2 is like the city among the 3 stations, this is where D’Mall is located, shops and restos are just everywhere. We’ll Station 3 is just too far. ☺☺☺

2nd stop from our island hopping is the Cyrstal Cove. You can check out Crystal Cove and explore their caves. You can actually fit inside this hole.

On the other side of the tunnel is a small area where you can dip and swim. The water is cool and salty πŸ™‚

There are also huts where you can have picnic.

View from Mt. Luho

You can explore Boracay either by land or by sea. You just have to be adventurous to see the beauty of this island. *winks*