Lee Min Ho back in Manila: My Everything World Tour

July 6, 2013, Manila is all set and excited to see the Korean superstar, Lee Min Ho back on stage not just to meet and greet his fans but to give his fans the My Everthing album. This is his gift to his Filipino fans and ofcourse i wouldn’t miss this rare chance to see and hear his voice.


Too bad I only have this ticket, but still I’m excited to see him and perform for his fans. This is a different side of Lee Min Ho that we haven’t seen the last time he was in Manila back in November 2011.

To all Minoz fans see yah later at SM MOA Arena.


Lee Min Ho goes back to Manila

To all Lee Min Ho fans its confirmed! 🙂 🙂 🙂 He’ll be back to Manila for his My Everything World Tour on July 6, 2013 at Mall of Asia Arena. 

picture not mine
picture not mine

Ticket Prices:
VIP Reserved Seats – P7,500
PATRON Reserved Seats – P5,400
LOWER BOX A (201-202/221-222 | ROWS A-E OF 203-207/216-220) Reserved Seats – P5,400
LOWER BOX B (6TH ROW ONWARDS OF 203-207/216-220) Reserved Seats – P3,675
UPPER BOX Reserved Seats – P1,575

Tickets now available at SM Tickets

The first time I heard that his coming back to Manila, I told myself that I have to go and see him again. But the question is, how much are the tickets? And when I heard tickets are already on sale in all SM Ticketnet, I quickly checked their website, and to my surprised of the ticket prices are so pricey! Whoaw! As much as I wanted to see him up close, I can’t afford to buy the VIP ticket so I guess I’ll just have tp settle to a much lesser section, at least I will be able to see him even on the big screen in the Arena (I hope they do have those big screens. 🙂 ) Its weird to listen to an artist where in language is a barrier, I’m sure he’ll be singing songs from his album which are all in Korean, but for me Korean songs has that certain charm that even if you barely understand a thing, you feel as if you understand it, probably its because of the melody and the depth of feeling of the Korean singers. As for Lee Min Ho this is a surprise for all of his fans, he does not only limit his talent to acting but a plus point for him to be able to showcase his talent for singing. I do hope he sings a Filipino song, I’m sure Filipinos we’ll surely get so kilig! heehee…

I hope there we’ll be a meet and greet again before the concert. ^_^ I’ll be waiting!