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[KOREAN VISA UPDATED] Visa Application for South Korea for Philippine Passport Holder


After 2 years since we last applied for a Korean Visa (which is unfortunately we got denied), there has been changes and a lot of people are saying that Visa Application for SoKor has gotten easier (?), but,  I’m still terrified, its probably the trauma that we had from our last application hahaha. Of course I’m still feeling positive. Hwaiting!

After a week of waiting, I finally got my VISA! YEEESSS! The waiting game is over, and I can finish my itinerary and start paying for our reservations.

 I just wanna share how we prepared for the Big V (visa) to Korea, I hope it would help other fellow K-poppers and Korean fanatics who wish to visit “The Land of the Morning Calm” one day.

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