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Review: Brad & Pit’s Ribshack Marikina

It’s one of those days, where me and my girls just want to have lunch. Our go to place is the Lilac St. in Marikina which is geographically near to taft, taft of the mountain of Antipolo.

The place has this theme of vintage stuff and quotes are written everywhere. It is a self service ordering. The place might look small but it has actually more seats to accommodate.

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Foodporn, Marikina, Restaurant, Review

Review: Cafe Lidia

One of the must visit places to eat around Marikina is Cafe Lidia, it’s located in a neighborhood area where residential is just beside its restaurant. You just have to find it.. hahahha! Cafe Lidia is a one place were family and friends can get together and still feels that your just hanging on the veranda of your house. It has a homey feeling and foods and drinks that customers can enjoy. I have been here a couple of times because of the ambiance and of course their food. My friends enjoys a good food and laugh.

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Cafe Lidia’s House Special Pizza
2014-09-04 13.01.38
Banana Split

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Overall Cafe Lidia is a nice place to eat and hangout with family and friends, prices of their food is fairly reasonable. Some of their food can be shared if your in a group. The down side is the location of the restaurant, it would be hard to find since its located on the residential and not in the city proper. Be sure to be early because it tends to be crowded and parking is limited.

CafΓ© Lidia (Calumpang, Marikina City)
Calderon Street, Calumpang, Marikina City, Metro Manila
For inquiries, call (02) 6477606


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Review: Contis Katipunan

Contis is one of my go to places for food in Katipunan. I have been here a couple of times with family, friends and colleagues and each time I went here, there is always something new to try with their variety of main course meal to their cakes and pastries and no wonder why customers keep coming back to this place.

Contis is located on the busy street of Katipunan so parking is limited. The whole place has this relaxed and comfortable ambiance. And in several occasions, I have tried a couple of main course meals and every food is really worth every bite.

2014-08-23 16.38.09-1
Baked Prawns
2014-10-31 12.40.21-1
2014-08-23 16.40.56-1
2014-08-23 16.40.16
2014-10-28 22.03.30-2
2014-06-06 21.00.55
2014-08-23 16.39.19
2014-06-06 20.40.12-1
2014-06-06 21.04.12-1

Price ranges 200+php to 300+php per head. It might be pricey but the serving is enough to make you feel full and satisfied and keep you coming back for more. Don’t forget to try their cakes as well since they are also known for their delicious cakes and pastries.