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Back to my happy place: Boracay 2014

Last year I was also here, I would say Boracay is my favorite place that I would always go back to. It’s like being in an island that’s is full of people but still enjoy the island life. What made this different is that I’ll be spending this vacation with my friends back in high school. This is our first time to travel outside of our comfort place since we graduated from high school and  started our own careers. We planned an all girls vacation for us to bond and enjoy, since we’re all tied to our own careers. Chos! But unfortunately some wasn’t able to join us due to some commitments.. Chos! Oh well the vacation has to go on, since we have booked the tickets and booked the accommodation already, we can’t back out now. I really need this vacation to just be away from all the stress from work and just enjoy my short vacation with my girlfriends. I also wanted to push this trip since this is the first time for my friends to visit Boracay. Iwanted them to see and experience for themselves why I love Boracay.

my girlfriends
my girlfriends

and I
and I

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Review: Boracay Best Deals

I’m no newbie in Boracay, but it’s my first time at La Carmela de Boracay in Station 2. As always, I always try to find a good place to stay at a very reasonable price without sacrificing comfort and breaking our pockets. We booked our Boracay trip last March (this is during those promo period of Cebu Pacific and we got a good deal of course. Sweet! 🙂 ) and our trip is around November between low and “almost peak” season so accommodation around the place start to get expensive, there are a lot of guesthouses in Boracay you can choose from for a very reasonable price and if you are really on a tight budget. So we started checking other options for our accommodations, our budget for our accommodation is around 2,000php per day, guesthouses in this categories will fit on this budget. Luckily, I came across Boracay Best Deals for a very good deal, they have this low season promo which is good for 4person on a Standard Room in La Carmela de Boracay with 2 buffet breakfast pass per day. Isn’t awesome or what?

Boracay Best deals

Comparing the price of our first choice accommodation which is around 2,000php per night and the inclusions of our stay. You can do the math but I would choose to book my stay at Boracay Best Deals.

But of course at first I was hesitant on taking the promo, so I did further checking and you can check their Facebook Account for proof 😀 😀 :D. Booking your accommodation thru Boracay Best Deal is the easiest thing I ever did. I just email them my preferred dates, feedback was fast. Once they have confirmed the dates and settled my payments the next thing I new is, they already provided me my voucher for our stay in La Carmela de Boracay. They are very commendable for their service, fast and efficient. Will I avail of their services on my next trip to Boracay? Definitely YES!

So for inquiries on their on going promo you can check their website of Facebook account.

So happy booking and til my next Boracay trip 😀 😀 😀


[LATE POST] Boracay Cravings

I always wanted to eat sea foods whenever I’m in places like beaches. You can find a lot of restaurants and common fast food chains around Boracay especially around D’Mall. But since, I rarely go to beach, I thought of trying something I don’t eat on a regular basis. While walking along Station 2 there are restaurants that offers “paluto-type” for sea foods, but the price is way to expensive. I heard at D’Talipapa, they are offering “paluto” which is much cheaper and you can ask for discount for the seafoods, and because I’m craving for sugpo and crab, we really look for the place they call D’Talipapa. Prices of “Paluto” depends on the type of food you like them to cook.

 We had four menu for lunch. But I only took three pictures of our menu of our lunch. These can feed 5 people, but me and my boyfie ate all of them. Busog much!! Try it and at the end of it you will say “THIS IS LIFE!” ☺☺☺

  — Sinabawang Tahong —

— Chili Sauce Crab —

 — Sinigang na Sugpo —

All the foods are really delicious. This is what I miss, the food.. ♥♥♥

D’Talipapa is not only known for “paluto” they also have cheap souvenirs. ☺


[LATE POST] Imma B.Explorer

Your Boracay trip is not complete if you haven’t tried the different water sport that this paradise has to offer. With my limited stay in Boracay, I have to make the most out of it. It is a wonderful experience to be able to try some of the water sports in Boracay. (It opens my dream to learn how to swim, i so envy those people who can actually swim.) Anyways, i still get to swim using a life jacket.

Helmet Diving – is one way to get a closer look of the fishes under the sea and feed them. The weight of the helmet is no joke even if you’re on the bottom the sea it is still heavy and I can’t get my hands off from the helmet because I’m scared it my fall of my head. ☺☺☺

This activity will last 10 to 15 minutes on the actual. For 600php/head comes a free CD. So have fun under the sea.. (:

Parasailing – is a great way to end the day and a great experience. To be able to see the island from a different view. 10 minutes of parasailing you can see the whole stretch of the island and the sunset as well. (1700php/head)

Have fun and enjoy the sea..


[LATE POST] The Island Hopping Experience

The Island Hopping Experience – We started around 10AM, we also joined with the other tourist who are also going on an island hopping. We first went to Crocodile Island for our snorkeling session. Next is the Crystal Cove (entrance fee 200php/head), where we explored 2 different caves. Had a buffet lunch and last is the Puka Beach. Not bad for 700php/head (low season rate).


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[LATE POST] Must see… Boracay

Boracay is not “just” a place but there are “alot” of places, activities you can do explore in this island.

If you’re just a beach bum and just enjoy watching people walking here and there, watching the famous sunset of Boracay is for you. I had to walk all the way from Station 1 to 3 to feel the difference of each place. If you prefer a more quiet place you should check Station 1. This is also were the expensive hotels are. Station 2 is like the city among the 3 stations, this is where D’Mall is located, shops and restos are just everywhere. We’ll Station 3 is just too far. ☺☺☺

2nd stop from our island hopping is the Cyrstal Cove. You can check out Crystal Cove and explore their caves. You can actually fit inside this hole.

On the other side of the tunnel is a small area where you can dip and swim. The water is cool and salty 🙂

There are also huts where you can have picnic.

View from Mt. Luho

You can explore Boracay either by land or by sea. You just have to be adventurous to see the beauty of this island. *winks*