Review: Movies Star Cafe


This cafe/restaurant caught my attention because of the concept their place, this not your ordinary restaurant, not to mention that they offer a Dino Buffet (curious of what Dino Buffet is?) from 6pm to 9pm. Movies Star Cafe is located at the seaside area of SM Mall of Asia beside Hooters.

Check Metrodeal for discount voucher for the Movies Star Cafe’s Dino Buffet at 399php/head you will have access to their Dino Buffet and get to see your favorite characters perform. If you already have the voucher, you can avail of the promo until May 4, 2013

Metrodeal - Movies Star Cafe

So last February 13, 2013, I already availed of the promo, please make sure that you make reservation to have a guaranteed seats. If you’re a walk in guest crews will accommodate you but it doesn’t guarantee sure seats. You can contact them thru:

picture not mine

We had a hard time finding the place since we barely go to SM Mall of Asia, so we just searched the seaside until we found the place. You will easily notice the restaurant since they have this led light scrolling Movies Star Cafe. Parking won’t be a problem because it has an open space along the seaside.

Before you enter the restaurant you will already see familiar characters from the different movies.


King Kong under renovation
King Kong under renovation
Batman and Joker
Batman and Joker


And when you enter the restaurant itself, the place is filled with life size characters like Ironman, Batman, and other familiar characters, posters of different movies and Hollywood Stars. Once you’re inside the restaurant, you will be assisted by their staff on their best costume outfit to your reserved table.

What so aliw with this place is there are almost hundred monitors playing movies simultaneously, you can just sit and relax while eating.

Their Dino Buffet menu are mostly  American food, you can make your own burger, sausages of different taste and sizes *winks* and  salad, but for those who can’t eat without rice they also have those but don’t expect much. They also have desserts that you can try, from fruits, cakes and rice cakes.

posters of famous Hollywood Stars
100 mini monitors where you can watch movies
Dino Buffet


You can have a break from watching and take some picture with the staffs in costume and this white robotic character with their matching electronic voice. ( so aliw!)



More human size superheroes, perfect for kids and kids at heart that they will definitely enjoy.

Dark Crusader
Dark Crusader

In every buffet its very important to be prepared, and you’d be able to enjoy every food 🙂 , I always make it a point that I try everything to make it sulit. heehee! Here’s my plate:

Plate#1: Can you tell what’s on my plate? ^_^
Plate#2: Sausage Party
Plate#2: Sausage Party

Not only you enjoy the food, the place , the movies, and the people dress in costume but you’ll get to see them perform. So if you want a place out of the ordinary come and check out Movies Star Cafe.

Dino buffet is until 9PM only, but after that you can still enjoy band performances and other performances of the staff that you’ll sure enjoy too. You can check their menu for other food selection, I just find their drinks a bit pricey though but non the less the place is for all ages.


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