So, if someone asks you out on a dinner and dinner is for FREE, well, go and check your list of restaurant you want to try. Since I’m craving for Korean food and I really wanna to try their samgyeopsal (korean bbq), Maru is the first thing that came up on my mind :), but I’m kinna hesitant since the two branches that I know is located in Macapagal Road and Robinsons Ermita, good thing my friend knew that there is a newly opened Maru branch in A Venue in Makati Ave.


As per Kuya Kyle, the waiter that is assisting us during our dinner, that this is the third branch of Maru and it just opened two months ago. When we arrive we where greeted by the whole bunch of waiters in Korean (opkors!) and most of their customers are Korean too. (malamang Korean restaurant yun eh!) As per Kuya Kyle, this is the biggest branch among the three, the place is 3 storey high (sort of), 1st Flr. is customers na di choosy, 2nd Flr. is for VIP and 3rd Flr, is an open area for people who want to smoke after a super heavy meal šŸ™‚


The interiors are simple. For small group of people there are table for 4 people which are divided by wooden divider to give more of a privacy for people, and if you have a big group they also have long couches and table that can be used which is located at the back of the restaurant. What really catches my attention is the one that is hanging on the ceiling. This is a centralized smoke vacuum (hahaha), this is used if customers are grilling porks and other raw meats.

Their menu offers wide range of Korean food from japchae, Korean stew (forgot the name), bulgogi’s, samgyeopsal (Korean BBQ) and even Korean ice creams (which you can buy in Korean store). Prices starts at 200 and above. They also have group meal which are good for three to six people, price range around 1,000+ not bad since you will surely be satisfied and really feel full.

Since I have already tried bulgogi from Kogi Bulgogi, I’m really curious with what is Korean’s samgyeopsal is, all I know that its the Korean version for BBQ, but what makes it different from other barbeques? We ordered two types of meat, the unmarinated pork, and the sweet and spicy pork.

IMG_2078 IMG_2077

Korean food is not complete without their famous side dishes (side dish pa lang ulam na!). Take note: their side dishes are re-fillable (ulam na ulam na talaga) I love the tofu and the radish, oh well almost everything šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ Let the grilling begin!!! It was Kuya Kyle who assisted us the whole dinner even the cooking of the meats, since we’re not familiar and we don’t know how to operate the thingy. (two thumbs up! clap. clap. clap.)







Its is really amazing how Korean eat, its like everyday is a feast.

to the right

to the right

to the left

to the left


the main dish for tonight

Samgyeopsal wouldn't be complete with this

Samgyeopsal wouldn’t be complete with this

Of course meat should be grilled first before you could eat it, but between the two meat I really love the “unmarinated” according to the menu (but it is really flavorful) compared to the sweet and spicy, I couldn’t taste the sweetness of the meat and spiciness of it. To complete the samgyeopsal the lettuce, you wrap the meat in the lettuce, you can also add side dishes for added flavor and texture. This is what I made. šŸ™‚

IMG_2094 IMG_2095

How to eat Samgyeopsal the Korean Way: put the meat on the lettuce, add side dishes for added flavor, roll the lettuce and shove it in your mouth all at once, that’s how you do it! šŸ˜€ *winks*

I didn’t try eating the jalapeno though, I don’t think I can eat that pepper raw and fresh. Koreans really love spicy food (hands down!)

Over all this restaurant is worth a try and for Korean fanatics like me, you will surely fall in love with this place. The staff is really accommodating and attentive and will assist you with anything that you need.

Check their branch at A-Venue in Makati Ave. Operating hours is 11:00AM until 4:00AM


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