My Personal Bucket List

I recently find myself creating my own bucketlist. Just to keep me pump up and look forward on the things I wanna do for myself and for my family.. I don’t know if it’s too late to make my own set of bucketlist but I still got time in the world to make it come true, it might take awhile but at least I have set my goals on my own pace.. So here lets start..

♥     Travel out of the country at least once before I turn 31.

CHECK! I visited Singapore back in 2013, my first ever out of the country trip.

♥     Travel to South Korea or Japan during spring (cherry blossom) or autumn (autumn foliage) which ever comes first.

CHECK for Korea! I cannot cross this out yet, though I have been to Korea last 2015 but it’s late autumn and winter has already started. ^____^ v

 ⊗ CHECK for Japan! Visited this place October 2015 too early for autumn.. Ugh!

        ⊗ CHECK Korean autumn achieved last October 2017 ^____^v

♥     Take my family on a family trip either PH or out of the country.

CHECK! We went on a family trip in Boracay for 3-days last November 4-6 for the weekend birthday of my niece and nephew.

♥     Bake a mean birthday cake for myself or for someone.

♥     Backpacking trip in Asia (at least 3 country)

♥     A backpacking trip in Europe (Spain | France | Amsterdam | Sweden | Greece)

♥     Travel to USA (New York | California | Las Vegas).

♥     Learn how to drive.

CHECK! Took a driving lesson and got my license last September 23, 2016 and got myself a car last August 2017 🙂 🙂 🙂

♥     Do parasailing.

CHECK! I have tried parasailing in Boracay back in 2011 and 2014.

♥     Do bungee jumping.

♥     Attend a fan meet and greet of my Korean idol (Lee Min Ho | Lee Seo Jin)

CHECK! for Lee Min Ho, I had seen his fan meet twice, when he visited the PH.

♥     Buy my own house and lot under my name. ^__^

♥     To have my own restaurant or coffee shop.

♥     To do a volunteer work outside of the country of course all expense paid. ^__^

♥     Fly 1st class even once ^___^ v

♥     To sponsor/organize an outreach program.

CHECK! I have organize an outreach for me and my friends to Home of Love Orphanage last November 26, 2016

♥     To climb a mountain in PH (Mt. Pulag or other mountain)

♥     Go on a roadtrip in PH.

♥     Go on a solo trip.

CHECK! I did my first solo trip in Puerto Princesa last December 2015.

♥     Learn a new language and be fluent.

♥     Go camping.

♥     Learn how to swim.

♥     Be featured on a magazine or be on TV.

♥     Do a marathon.

CHECK! I did my first marathon for 5k category for Etude House held in BGC.

♥     Live in a different country for at least three or six months.

♥     Go on a cruise.

♥     Try frontline jobs for the experience.

♥     Visit any of the 9 Wonders of the World (Machu Picchu | Great Wall of China | Roman Colosseum)

♥     Visit any of the UNESCO World Heritage in the Philippines.

CHECK! I have visited the Underground River in Palawan in 2015.

♥     Do white water rafting or canoeing.

♥     Learn the basic of importing products and eventually start my own clothing business.

♥     Visit a snowing country and experience skiing.

♥     Visit a Harry Potter Theme Park.

CHECK! Visited my first Harry Potter in Universal Studio Japan last October 18, 2016

♥     Experience a traditional Japanese House. (Ryokan House)

For now this is the list.. Crossing my finger that every single one of them would come true ^____^ v

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