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Misadventure # 1: Off we go to Korean Embassy

I really don’t know how to start or if I even want to share my misadventure to Korean Embassy.

Today is the day I have been waiting for, I have been preparing all the documents needed for my Korean Visa, I have done my research on what I need and where I can submit all the requirements for the visa. I have also read a couple of blogs on how to get to Korean Embassy. From the blogs that I read there areΒ  two ways you can get there: 1.) from Guadalupe Station, you ride jeepneys that are going McKinley via C5 road and that’s it, the only land mark they are saying are,its near Jollibee and Petron. (Me: uhmmm Ok!?!) or 2.) is you ride a taxi and they will take you there.
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