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Misadventure # 1: Off we go to Korean Embassy

I really don’t know how to start or if I even want to share my misadventure to Korean Embassy.

Today is the day I have been waiting for, I have been preparing all the documents needed for my Korean Visa, I have done my research on what I need and where I can submit all the requirements for the visa. I have also read a couple of blogs on how to get to Korean Embassy. From the blogs that I read there are  two ways you can get there: 1.) from Guadalupe Station, you ride jeepneys that are going McKinley via C5 road and that’s it, the only land mark they are saying are,its near Jollibee and Petron. (Me: uhmmm Ok!?!) or 2.) is you ride a taxi and they will take you there.
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SLR 101 for Beginners..

Prada For Breakfast

If you got a fancy new digital SLR (“single-lens reflex”) camera for Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate), lucky you! You’re not alone. I got the Rebel T1i last year and even though I knew most of the basics, I wish I could have been given the quick camera rundown. This guide is designed to be very simple and easy-to-use (don’t bother reading it if you already know how to use manual mode on your camera) and will help you get higher quality images from using your manual settings.

I’ll be using pictures of a Canon Rebel to show you how to use the manual setting on your camera, but these basics can even be applied to film cameras. This is a post full of simple camera knowledge so that you know how to troubleshoot when your pictures are turning out too light/blurry/etc and you don’t just stare at someone…

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