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[GYEONGGI-DO] Everland

A trip wouldn’t be complete if you have not been to a theme park. (am sure meron yan kahit isa!) Since we’re on a trip you go big! Everland is outside of Seoul so make sure to be there early. We went there when the weather is starting to get really cold. There are parts that already started snowing. It was freezing cold then, but that didn’t stop us from taking the rides.

You’d be surprise that even if it’s freaking cold there are still a lot of visitors and endure the the open rides, despite there are light snowing… Brrrrrr!

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[SEOUL] Bukchon Hanok Village

Seoul, despite being a modern city, has maintained some of the landmarks that is close to their history. One of the most visited tourist site in Korea, is Bukchon Hanok Village.

The village is lined with hanok house which are traditional houses in this area. Would you believe that the area is actually a residential village? With its charm no wonder it has increased famed to be one of the visited sites in Seoul.

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[GYEONGGI-DO] Petite France

On the way going to Nami Island, you can visit Petite France as well, which ever do you prefer to visit first via HopOn-HopOff (Gapyeong Tourist Bus)

If your a die hard fanatic of K-dramas, you’ll know where this place has been featured. Petite France serves as French cultural village. It also features flowers, star and Little Prince.

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[SEOUL] Trick Eye Museum

If you happen to be around Hongdae, you may want to drop by Trick Eye Museum. The Trick Eye Museum is an art gallery with paintings that are painted in 2D but gives an illusion of a 3D. Visitors are able to interact with the different painting giving them the feel they are part of the painting. (so don’t be shy to act your part.) We arrived at the Trick Eye Museum around 7pm, good thing that the museum is open until 9pm. We snap, act and do our part as if we are one with the paintings. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

The museum is divided to three course, the Trickeye Museum – Ice Museum – Carnival Street.

~ The iCe Museum ~

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[GYEONGGI-DO] Nami Island

Nami Island is also one of the most famous tourist spot in Korea, it’s where the famous Korean Drama of Winter Sonata is located. If you watched it, you know what I mean. Nami Island is located in Gyeonggido. We took the Hop On – Hop Off bus from Petite France, until we reach Nami docking port.

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[SEOUL] Hello Kitty Cafe

We wouldn’t pass visiting a Hello Kitty Cafe when in Seoul. We had a hard time finding the place around in Hongdae, good thing there’s a map of Hongdae area in ur guesthouse and we have located the other Hello Kitty which is a couple blocks away from Hongik University. We just followed the map and found the Hello Kitty Cafe. ( I think this is the 2nd branch in Hongdae)

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[SEOUL] Review: Gstay Residences

So finally we’re on our last accommodation of our trip. I was able to get a FREE one night stay thru one of travelswithahobo promo contest, but we did stay for 2 nights with them. You can reserve a room thru their website and a confirmation will be sent thru your email. No need to pay for downpayment.

After our stay at Kpopstay Guesthouse and with our experience with their subway (not advisable if you have heavy luggage) we opted to take a cab going to G-stay Residences.Β  Check in was fast and reliable since I did not bring any proof of my claim they easily acknowledge my claim hehehhehe.. After paying for the additional stay they have given us our key to our room.

From all of the accommodation that we stayed during our Korea trip, I like G-Stay the most, the room is spacious enough for us to move around and open our luggage, the bed is spacious and comfortable and really perfect for those cold nights. We have mini ref where we can store our beverages andΒ  mini stove if ever we wanna cook, but no pots or pans though.. ahhahha! There’s also a washing machine in case, you need to wash some clothes which we also did not use. But still I love the place, I would definitely stay here again.

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[SEOUL] Review: Kpopstay Guesthouse Seoul Korea

For our second guesthouse, we stayed at Kpopstay Guesthouse near Hongdae and just walking distance from Hongik University. You might be wondering why transfer from one place to another. I would like to think it’s strategic since our planned itinerary is also in those areas, and we can explore the place whenever we want andΒ  just a walking distance to Hongdae, where night life is just around the corner. Kpopstay is located to a more quiet area in Hongdae, so you don’t have to worry about the noise around the area.

I have been wanting to stay in one of their dorm rooms since I have learned about their guesthouse. I contacted them directly and booked, mixed dorm rooms which cost around 25,000won/per night/ per head which is also a good deal because it also include FREE breakfast. Once I have confirmed our booking, no need to pay immediately, you can pay once you have checked-in with the guesthouse on the day you of your arrival.

We had a struggle finding the place when we get off the subway station (Hongik Station, Exit 9) and imagine we’re dragging our heavy luggage on steep slopes.Β  But with a little help from our Korean chingus, we easily found the place, even some of them struggle to speak English, they still try their best to help tourist find their way. ^_____^v Kamsamnida!


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[SEOUL] Review: 24 Guesthouse City Hall South Korea

Our first stop is our first guesthouse, booked online thru Booking.Com, and found a good deal in one of the most common guesthouse in Korea. I booked at 24 Guesthouse City Hall which has the cheapest room for a twin bed. What I looked for an accommodation when going in a vacation, are accessible to any transportation, comfort and cleanliness and wifi is a plus πŸ™‚ and we also get a FREE breakfast with it… Sweeeet! πŸ™‚

The guesthouse is accessible via subway and airport limousine bus. We opted to travel by bus since it’s cheaper and the instruction given to us, looked easy and we will find the place faster. We got it wrong… hahahha! Just, when we got off the limousine bus, we need to find the subway station on a cold, rainy night and we have to drag our luggage too. It was alsoΒ  unlucky that, when we have to go down the subway station the escalator is not working anymore, so we need to drag again our luggage but once we got off the subway exit, the guesthouse is just a few steps and we arrive safe and with success… Whaiting!


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8Days Sample Itinerary in South Korea

Annyeong Chingus! Just got back from our unexpected super cold vacation from Korea. I’m excited to share and document my trip for future reference and memories of course. ^____^v Before anything else I’ll share first our supposedly itinerary but unfortunately we didn’t cover all the places we intended to visit. (sad 😦 anyways there’s always a next time.)


I did include the weather forecast a week before, but due to climate change, oh well the weather is lower than we expected. The places with the “RED MARKS” are tentative places and can be transferred to some other day or to our free time. We did have three guesthouses that we’ll be staying which I think is beneficial since it’s near to our planned itinerary. Tamang trip lang din, hahahha! So enough of that, here’s our exact itinerary during our trip, it’s is not exactly on our planned schedule, but still near from what we had planned.


On our actual itinerary we didn’t cover the two other Palace due to time constraint, Gyeongbokgung is such a big palace, 3 hours won’t be enough. We almost spend much time to shopping areas πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ and check out gifts to bring back home. So much to see but it seems time is so fast when you have fun. Our biggest challenge is time and the long walks we have to endure just to be on one place at a time. We have definitely enjoy our walks. TT_____TT