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[TOKYO] Day 2 – Bullet Train to Tokyo from Osaka – Meiji Shrine – Takeshita Street

We had an early start to catch the earliest train going to Tokyo via Shinkansen. Japan having the most complicated train connection (for me) and most efficient in the world (for me again) is worth every peso. Before the trip we have been planning and been open to other options on how we’re going to travel to Tokyo. It is not the most economical way, some would say, just visit one city at a time. True! But who knows when will I’d be able to set foot again in Japan. We have decided to do a tri-city, and to experience as much as possible so, pikit-matang we decided to get a JR pass (good for 7 days) which cost double of my plane ticket.. hahaha!

When we arrived Kansai Airport, we did what we need to do, like pick-up the pocket wifi that we rented, exchange the JR pass and exchange our moolahs to yen. We spent a night at the airport, and as early as 6am we took the an early train going to Shin-Osaka Station and take the bullet train going to Tokyo.

Shin-Osaka station is probably one of the busiest station, since this station is the main transfer to different city. The station is so big and busy, so before leaving for Tokyo we bought some bento for breakfast. Travel time from Osaka to Tokyo via Shinkansen is about 3 hours, that’s how fast Japan train is. AMAZING! It’s not just fast, but really travel friendly, would you believe it comes with a AC connection, with that 3 hours is enough to fully charge my phone or gadget. 🙂 🙂 🙂

After 3 hours, HELLO Tokyo! We went directly to 1/3 Residences located in Akihabara where we’ll be staying during our stay in Tokyo. As expected we are early for check-in, though we we’re already there, they weren’t able to accommodate us, so we need to wait, so what we did, we started our Tokyo trip by going to Meiji Shrine and explore Takeshita Street.

Takeshita Street is packed with students and kids dressing up. We explored the street and found some foods to try. We did not buy anything, that suits our taste, charot! 😀 😀

We walked back and went to Meiji Shrine which is on the other side, explored the place, though the place is touristy, you can feel the quietness ans stillness of the place.

We did a wishing thingy, I don’t remember what I wished for but I guess good health for me and my family. We did a little exploring of the place then head back to our place to check-in. We’re supposedly go to Shibuya that night but, I was so tired and sleepy and couldn’t get my ass to go out, so I stayed and sleep the rest of the day. What a day for our first day in Tokyo! 😀 😀 😀

Hello and Good night Tokyo… I”ll explore you tomorrow , aight!