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CEBU: Oslob – Whale Shark Watching / Swimming

I just got back from a quick trip from Cebu. I’m still feeling nostalgic and excited of what seems to be a spontaneous trip. No planning needed just a spark of the moment. I asked myself what I really wanna do, I have been to Cebu but wasn’t able to explore the place, so when I got the chance to visit it again, I have some list of the things I really wanna do,

  1. The canyoneering in Kan-laob
  2. The whale watching in Oslob

Since I’m pressed on time and haven’t researched on the canyoneering, I decided to just take the whale watching in Oslob which from the blogs I read, it is doable on a day tour, you just have to be early in Oslob to avoid the crowd.

So it’s decided, we’re going to Oslob! We had to set the alarm and wake up around 4:00am to prepare and be on the bus terminal as early as possible to avoid traffic around the city.

At exactly 5:30am our bus leaves the terminal, travel time is about 3.5 hrs don’t worry you won’t miss your stop since the location is just along the highway and you can tell the conductor your stopping at the whale shark watching ground.


There are several establishment offering bundled services for the whale shark watching and a side trip to Tumalog Falls


The experience is surreal and amazing being able to swim with a gentle giant, but please be warned that locals and tourist should follow the rules given by the guides in order to protect  the whale sharks. Let’s all be responsible and do our share to protect them.


Tourist are given 30mins to watch and swim with whale sharks just enough to experience their beauty and enough for you to get sun burned. 🙂 🙂 🙂 If your going to swim, you are not allowed to use sunblock or sun screen.


I had the best time with the experience being able to see these animals. This is a must do in Oslob but please, follow the guidelines and enjoy the moment.

How to get to OSLOB for Whale Shark Watching/Swimming


  • Go to the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City, which is ~30 minutes from the Mactan airport (~P300), then hop on an Oslob-bound bus (~P155, 3 hours).
  • If you want to go whaleshark watching straight away, ask to be dropped off at Bgy. Tan-awan, which is conveniently along the highway.

Enjoy swimming with the whale sharks!

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