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[OSAKA] Day 7 – Universal Studio Japan

Another theme park to explore is Universal Studio Japan which is located in Osaka. We have purchased ticket for USJ in advance thru online. You can check Klook for tickets if you want to buy in advance. Excited to visit USJ, I’m so looking forward to visiting the Harry Potter theme park, the highlight of our Japan trip. Since something came up in our hotel, I have to travel alone going to USJ, and my friends just decided that we’ll just meet there, packed with our ever reliable pocket wifi, I went on my own. Good thing I didn’t get lost hahahaha.. just like DisneySea, you can bring food inside the theme park, don’t worry there are convenience store and other food stall along Universal City.

The park is already packed with tourist when I arrived, no time to waste I started my USJ adventure.

The first thing I did, take a picture with the cast of Waterworld πŸ™‚ then on with the rides.


The first ride that I saw as I search the crowded theme park is the Space Fantasy – The Ride, you are not allowed to bring bags so you have to store your bags or phone to the locker beside the attraction and since I’m alone, I took advantage of the Single Rider which means I don’t have to queue that long which could consume much of my time. Just what we did at Disney Sea, we took advantage of all the attractions that has Single Ride to save time.

To buy some time off from the sun, I watched the Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic and Universal Monster Live Rock and Roll Live Show, though I don’t understand a word, it’s still entertaining..

Β Right after the show, I just walk wherever my feet takes me, there I find myself going for the Hollywood Dream – The Ride, I did enjoy this ride, it’s riding a roller coaster but at the same time your traveling in time as if you’re part of an MTV because of the matching background music. After that, I just want to go and try it again, but there are still other attractions to try I can go back once I’m done with the other attractions.

Next on the list is the JAWS, it’s like a walk through to the set with a little acting that I didn’t even understand nyahahaha! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ with all the exciting rides, I need a break from it, I had my lunch which I bought from Lawson πŸ˜€

After a quick break, off to the next attraction, I was planning to take the Jurassic Park – The Ride but even the Single Rider had a long queue, so I thought I could use my Express Pass but I could only use it on the time indicated on my pass, so I have to wait, bye for now but I’ll be back! Instead I move to the next attraction the Waterworld, since I have a timed entry to the Harry Potter Theme Park, I killed time watching the Waterworld, I have watched it before in Universal Studio Singapore though, still watched it and I got a big splash of water from the act.. Agh! I didn’t expect that, after the show I went directly to the Harry Potter Theme park, where my friends eventually we all meet up.

That would be on a separate blog entry, after we tried the rides in Harry Potter we continued our ride adventure. I did a round 2 to the Jaws with my friends and after that we moved to The Jurassic Park – The Ride, we did use our Express Pass here, there is a queue even on the Express Pass but that didn’t take long before we could get in. The highlight ofΒ  all the attraction in Universal Studio is The Flying Dinosaur, this is like the blockbuster ride of all the rides in USJ, even the Express Pass we still have to wait, this is really advisable to get an Express pass or you’ll wait in line for hours. So if you don’t want to waste time, go get an express pass for this one. Now na! πŸ˜€

I really had the best time here.. Never to be missed when you are in Osaka! I would definitely go here if ever I’d be in Osaka.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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