[JAPAN] How to apply for Japan Visa?


You will see a lot of this topic on the internet. I just wanna share mine because everyone has a different story, but same feeling and the sudden doubt of their chances and the feeling once they finally got their golden ticket to Japan.

You can score a good airfare, you can visit any Asian country that doesn’t require visa for Filipinos and undergo the emotional stress of whether you got approved or denied. Since we are big dreamers, let’s take it to the next level, Japan has been one of the countries we all love to visit one day. One of the requirement for you to enter Japan is to have visa upon entry and over the years Japan has been strictly lenient on issuing visa for Filipinos until recently that applying for visa has become easy, but of course there are still horror stories about applying Japan visa.

I’m happy that on my first try I got approved, because if not, my heart will be broken because I already paid for an airfare only to find out, nganga sa visa 🙂 🙂 🙂

Japan visa is processed thru Japan Embassy’s accredited travel agencies. So check out the nearest travel agency on your location. I applied mine thru Reli Tours in Megamall. They are located on the 5th Flr beside Bo’s Coffee.

Here are the list of requirements you need to submit when applying for a tourist visa (w/o guarantor):

  1. Philippine Passport
    • Broken lamination of the photo is not accepted. Make sure that your passport is in good condition and at least 2 blank pages are available.
  2. Visa Application Form. Download here.
    • Make sure to fill out all the categories. N/A for questions that doesn’t apply. If you are an OC like me, you can fill up the form by typing the answer then just print it.
  3. Photo
    • Photo size should be 4.5cm x 4.5cm with white background. I had mine at Fujifilm in Megamall, just tell them it’s for Japan visa use and they know it already. Make sure you’re wearing a collared shirt, but if your not ready they have available blazer that you can use. It will cost you 195php for a set of photo.
  4. Birth Certificate of the applicant
    • This should be certified by NSO. You have two option, you can request thru NSO via phone or thru their satellite offices. I requested mine thru SM Business Center, good thing satellite offices are already accessible and offered in malls. For the NSO birth certificate 140php/page and handling fee of 20php. So I paid 160php/page and 7 days processing from the date of request. So this is not advisable if you urgently needed the birth certificate.
  5. Marriage contract (if the applicant is married)
    • Same with Number 4. In case of non record, you may submit certificate of non record together with the one from the Local Civil Registrar.
  6. Daily Schedule in Japan (TAIZAI NITTEIHYO).
    • This can be downloaded thru Japan Embassy website. I prepared 5-day itinerary but our actual stay in Japan is 9 days 😀 😀 😀 . For the accommodation, I made a mocked book via Booking.com. There are accommodation that doesn’t require credit card to be able to book a room, so just look for those accommodation so that if you got denied, it won’t be so much burden of cancelling your booking.
  7. Bank Certificate
    • You can request this to your bank. You can also get the bank certificate on the same day upon request (depending on your bank). 100php will be debited to your account for the bank certificate request. (this apply for BPI accounts)
  8. Income Tax Return (Form 2307) original or photocopy
    • You can request for the ITR to your HR. I have requested for the latest ITR for the year 2015.

Additional document that I have submitted is Certificate of Employment, you can just request this to your HR, though this is not part of the requirement I just submitted this anyway and the agency accepted it.

I have submitted all the requirements to Reli Tours office in Megamall. All you need to do is they will ask you if you have a completely filled up application form and the requirements, once you have the documents they will give you a number.

They will call out the number and the coordinators will assess the documents submitted, if found complete they will give a piece of paper for your reference and it’s time to pay the processing fee. Processing fee is 950php and waiting time is within 7 to 15 days.

After 7 days, I got a text from Reli Tours advising me that my passport is already ready for pick-up, they will not confirm if you got approve or not, you have to find out yourself.. hahaha! Tension rises as I scram to get to their office to find out the result of my application.

GOOD NEWS! I got approved!


Japan here I come!!!!! #JafunJafun


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  1. Hi.pwede ko ba malaman kung magkanu lahat magagastos kung tokyo-kyoto-osaka.?mahal ba mga food dun at accomodatjon.thank you

    • Hi,

      more or less 60K to 70K nagastos ko for the whole trip includes pasalubong that exclude the airfare 🙂 tokyo medyo mahal it’s much cheaper sa Osaka

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