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Review: Brad & Pit’s Ribshack Marikina

It’s one of those days, where me and my girls just want to have lunch. Our go to place is the Lilac St. in Marikina which is geographically near to taft, taft of the mountain of Antipolo.

The place has this theme of vintage stuff and quotes are written everywhere. It is a self service ordering. The place might look small but it has actually more seats to accommodate.

There’s a lot of food houses you can choose from around Lilac and we chose to try Brad & Pit’s Ribshack which caters to baby back ribs and other American and Latin American foods. In fairness their rib steaks are juicy and tasty. You don’t have worry, that your food starts flying on your plate. They also have chicken buffalo wings which we haven’t tried yet, but definitely their best seller is their baby back ribs combo. Don’t be deceive by their baby back ribs, prices of the food are actually affordable.

Food serving is simple but it’s one of the tastiest baby back ribs that you’ll ever be tasting.

Brad and Pit’s Ribshack

Address: 116 Lilac St, SSS Village, Concepcion Dos, Marikina, 1811 Metro Manila, Philippines
Open Hours:Β· 12–10PM

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