[SEOUL] Review: 24 Guesthouse City Hall South Korea


Our first stop is our first guesthouse, booked online thru Booking.Com, and found a good deal in one of the most common guesthouse in Korea. I booked at 24 Guesthouse City Hall which has the cheapest room for a twin bed. What I looked for an accommodation when going in a vacation, are accessible to any transportation, comfort and cleanliness and wifi is a plus πŸ™‚ and we also get a FREE breakfast with it… Sweeeet! πŸ™‚

The guesthouse is accessible via subway and airport limousine bus. We opted to travel by bus since it’s cheaper and the instruction given to us, looked easy and we will find the place faster. We got it wrong… hahahha! Just, when we got off the limousine bus, we need to find the subway station on a cold, rainy night and we have to drag our luggage too. It was alsoΒ  unlucky that, when we have to go down the subway station the escalator is not working anymore, so we need to drag again our luggage but once we got off the subway exit, the guesthouse is just a few steps and we arrive safe and with success… Whaiting!


Once we reached the guesthouse the person in charge is already worried of us, if we’re still coming or not since its already pass our expected arrival, he’s even trying to call me, but my phone is actually on an airplane mode ^,…,^ so he won’t really be able to reach me. I don’t use my phone when I’m out of the country unless it’s really, really, really needed.

Check-in is fast and he gave us the key to our room and we settled our things before going out to get ourselves something to eat.

So here’s how the place look like:

2015-12-07 18.02.57


2015-12-07 18.03.49

Hallway to the Rooms


The room is clean and the bed is comfortable enough to make you stay on bed on those cold, lazy days. Just a reminder keep your voices low, since the rooms are just right beside each other and they might get annoyed of the noises and give you a warning just like what happened to us ahihihihihi Sorry nemen!IMG_6494

The room has heated floor and perfect for the cold weather.Β  We are definitely cold but our bed keeps us warm. TV channels are limited to Korean shows only, though we do not understand, we just want something to hear and know who are the famous celebrities in Korea. So glad that I have seen Lee Seo Jin is one of the famous actors in Korea… ^_____^v (I only see him in 3 Meals a Day back in PH in our cable channel)IMG_6495 2015-12-07 18.05.11 2015-12-07 18.04.27

The common room where you can interact with other tourist,but I guess most of them are either out early during the day or still asleep. Breakfast is included, so we prepare our own breakfast. You can choose from bread, egg, noodles, coffee and fruit juices.

We have enjoyed our overall stay here and would definitely comeback if ever given a chance to go back in Seoul. It’s near a subway station and Deoksugung Palace.

24 Guesthouse Seoul City Hall
7, Deoksugung-gil, Jung-gu, Jung-Gu, 100-102 Seoul, South Korea


By Limousine Bus: Take the Bus#6005 go out at Sicheon City Hall, turn right, walk 2 to 3 minutes and you will see a subway exit go down the subway station, go out to Exit 1 turn right on the corner of the convenience store GS 25 and go straight you will see our building and your guest house is on the 3rd floor.

By subway: Get the airport line and chance at Seoul station for the dark blue line (number 1) and get out at Sicheong Station, Exit 1

Β For 3-Nights we paid 120,000 Won (4,813php – good for 2person)


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