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8Days Sample Itinerary in South Korea

Annyeong Chingus! Just got back from our unexpected super cold vacation from Korea. I’m excited to share and document my trip for future reference and memories of course. ^____^v Before anything else I’ll share first our supposedly itinerary but unfortunately we didn’t cover all the places we intended to visit. (sad 😦 anyways there’s always a next time.)


I did include the weather forecast a week before, but due to climate change, oh well the weather is lower than we expected. The places with the “RED MARKS” are tentative places and can be transferred to some other day or to our free time. We did have three guesthouses that we’ll be staying which I think is beneficial since it’s near to our planned itinerary. Tamang trip lang din, hahahha! So enough of that, here’s our exact itinerary during our trip, it’s is not exactly on our planned schedule, but still near from what we had planned.


On our actual itinerary we didn’t cover the two other Palace due to time constraint, Gyeongbokgung is such a big palace, 3 hours won’t be enough. We almost spend much time to shopping areas 🙂 🙂 and check out gifts to bring back home. So much to see but it seems time is so fast when you have fun. Our biggest challenge is time and the long walks we have to endure just to be on one place at a time. We have definitely enjoy our walks. TT_____TT

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