Review: Omakase Marikina


I cannot get enough of my cravings, and tonight is Japanese Food kind of night, the first thing that pop in my head Omakase, hahaha… well I have been dying to try their food but hesitant that the price if their food is a bit pricey, but I was wrong.. It’s worth the risk! hahaha.. The place is located along Gil Fernando Ave, when we got there, the place is pack so we have to wait for a spot to be seated. The interiors are modern but it has that good feel to it. Service is ok! They got our orders and after 15mins orders started to be served but they have some lapses and we need to follow up the remaining orders that haven’t been served. 20150511_210356

Since I’m on my “diet” mode ON! I chose the foods that are a little less “evil” ^__^ v but I’m definitely will leave the place full.


Omakase Salad (160php)

For appetizer we ordered Omakase Salad, this is definitely light and the vegetables are fresh and crunchy.




Salmon Sashimi (240php)

My personal favorite from the bunch that we ordered! Super delicious, the fish is fresh and really taste good. Every bite is like it’s drooling inside my mouth. I would definitely come back for this and can eat this all day. v ^_^ V


Pork Gyoza

Just another gyoza, but definitely the taste is there and just the right amount of filling.


American Dream Maki (200+ish php)

First time to try a maki covered with tempura batter. Its a different approach to maki’s I have tasted. It has salmon, crab stick and cheese which is really good, but a piece is too heavy for me probably because of the tempura batter. I would prefer it but without the coated batter.


Tempura Ice Cream

And for dessert we tried a Tempura Ice Cream, a tempura batter again and inside is a scoop of ice cream coated with chocolate syrup and mangoes. It tastes like a crepe but a bit heavy, the mangoes are a bit sour. It would be better if the mango is sweet. A good way to end a good meal. Prices is a little steep but the food is definitely worth it. Over-all I super love this place, would definitely come back for more and I want to try their Sushi Boat (920php). ** DROOLS*

Omakase Marikina

ESJ Building, Gil Fernando Avenue, San Roque, Marikina City


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