Review: Backyard Kitchen and Brew UPTown Center Katipunan


Different food chains are brewing left and right to different parts of Metro Manila. Backyard Kitchen and Brew at UPTown Center in Katipunan is one of the must try food chain. It’s located on Phase 2 with other restos. What I like about the place is design and interior or the place, it has a cool vibe and the interior is like from Backyard Salvage series (if your watching it, you know what I mean) where they used materials and re-create it to something new. I’m a fan of wood furnishing, I don’t know but I just love the homey feeling that it gives with the accentuated lightnings.



The food is prepared and served in 10 to 15 minutes, but you don’t have to wait that long, its a good thing that they set their customers expectation. CHECK!

20150416_192646The price? I find it a little expensive I just hope the prices of their food also compensate the taste and serving of their food. I don’t think their prices caters to young college student unless your a rich kid or conyo.Β  20150416_192904I ordered a Waffle Breaded Fried Chicken, the chicken is tender, moist and it has tangy taste which adds a different twist to a fried chicken, it’s that taste you’ll keep on looking for but the skin is a little salty for my taste though.20150416_193417We also ordered a Slow Roasted Pork Belly, which is cook perfectly, just right amount sweetness on the meat.20150416_193431After all the eating, we’ll need a dessert to balance our taste buds, so we tried their huge Pizzookie, which is baked to chewy chocolate cookie chip, it can be shared by 3 to 4 people. For a person with sweet tooth this is perfect for them, I’m not a big fan of sweets, a 2 or 3 scoop from this will be enough for me, the mantecado is a good equalizer for the sweetness of the pie.20150416_201406Will I go back? I will but probably it have to wait.. I would probably bring my friends along, but the price is out range whenever we think of going out and do some girl bonding over food. I would like to try their other food on their menu.

Backyard Kitchen and Brew

2nd Level UP Town Center Phase 2
Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights,
Quezon City, Philippines

Contact No.: (63999) 366-6921
Operating Hours: 11am to 11pm Daily


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