HongKong: Star Ferry


After a long walk we took a break and freshen up back to the guesthouse. Our next destination is the Victoria Peak, the highest point in HongKong. To get there, there are ways you can get to Victoria Peak, you can take the ferry boat going to Central or take the train going to Central Station. We choose going to Central by using the Star Ferry boat, from our guesthouse we walked all the way to the docking station.

TST Stn to Star Ferry Pier

What I love about HongKong subway is it is very efficient and you can just go to places by just walking, so prepare to do some long walking if you want to see a lot of tourist spot by just walking the subways. If you just know which exit you will take, long and behold you’re there already.

IMG_4595eIMG_4588e IMG_4589eIMG_4590e IMG_4591e IMG_4592e IMG_4597e

After getting of the ferry, there are to ways you can go to the Lower Peak Tram its either you take a foot bridgeย  all the way to Central or take a bus going to the Lower Peak Tram. If you choose to take the footbridge going to Central it will take you 10 to 15 minutes of walking.



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