Life Changing Travel Story: A kid’s Bucketlist


If you could go back to being a kid, what memories would you want to remember? When we were kids, we would only think of playing all day with our friends on the streets, running and screaming as if nothing else matters at that time. I remember when I was young, whenever we would go to a mall or visit a relative in Manila, I would often look out of the window, wondering how big the world is, and just one step, I might get lost and never find my way back but if I could go back 20 years ago, I would want to spend more time with my family exploring other places and growing up learning and appreciating the different cultures of our country. Philippines has a lot to offer, different cultures and dialects which makes our country unique from other other Asian countries.

picture not mine

picture not mine

But I’m still fortunate, that I’ve been given the opportunity to travel now, to places I’ve never been, here in the Philippines and outside the country. My new found freedom has open my mind to understand, and appreciate the beauty of our country. The different beaches  which are admired all over the world. Colorful festivities which showcase our different culture that was influenced by our history. These are few of what we could learn from our beloved country. I know I can’t go back to the past, but I could move forward to make a life changing experience for me.

The life changing travel story I want to share is not for me, but for my family. They are my inspiration in writing this story, my nephew and niece lost their mother when my niece was born, so my brother was the one raising them and we’re just here to support him. My two adorable babylove, whenever I go on a vacation, would often ask me, “Where are you going?”, “Is it far?”, “How are you going to go there?”, “Are you going to ride an airplane?”, “I wanna ride an airplane!” Their excited shrieks and curiosity would melt my heart and I  told myself that I will make it happen. The last thing that you want to take from a kid is their happiness. As their aunt, I wanted to show them and let them experience that things that we never had and enjoyed as a kid. Nowadays, kids are outspoken, outgoing and very curious to learn and try new things. I want them to have passion for life and never to stop discovering things on their own. I want them to grow up remembering their happy childhood memories and the things that we do as a family.


As for my mom, she has been very supportive of me when I was young, she let me do the things I want to do and at the same time, she taught me a life lesson that I will always be proud, that made me who I am today. I was fortunate that my grandparents supported me on my studies, but it was my mom’s words that kept me from pursuing my goals and dreams. She would often tell me, if I want something, I should work hard for it and the best gift they could give us is “EDUCATION”. Now, I wanted to repay her for all the hardship and sacrifices that she had been through for us. I want her to enjoy her life without worrying about us and making her even her small dream come true. She once told me that she wanted to travel and see other places. I wanted to make her dream my dream too. I know it will make her happy to be able to travel as a family, sometimes you have to set aside the things you want for yourself, and think of the things that matters as a family.

Given an opportunity to visit a place in the Philippines for my family I will take them to Boracay. I have been here to this paradise twice, I have fond and beautiful memories here, and there is something about the place that you will surely come back. The place may have change over the years but it never looses it charms to visitors and foreign tourist. I want them to see the place and just enjoy, relax and play along the beach.


What makes Boracay my favorite place to come back to, despite the different commercial building being built around the island? It has maintained its charm with the powdery sand, the beautiful sunset and the different things that you can do while on this island. This way as a family I can share them good memories and I know my nephew and niece will surely love the beach. Kids simple joys are seen through their eyes, and I will forever treasure those smiles and memories we all shared as a family.  This is my dream and I’m gonna make it happen.


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