Renewed Passport – Ticket to see the world


I’m happy that I already got my renewed passport today, just in time for my trip to Malaysia. I won’t post the step by step processing of renewing your passport, because I know there are a lot of blogs that provide information on how to renew your passport and get a new passport (if you plan on getting one).

I had to renew my passport due to unexpected trip and mine would expire this year. One of the requirements for traveling is your passport is at least 6 months valid from the time of your trip, so I have to make my move before our trip to Malaysia πŸ˜€ . Renewal of passport is made easy by DFA, since they already have satellite offices in Metro Manila, for those who are coming from different parts of the metro you can check DFA website for their nearest satellite office. ProcessingΒ  time of passport is 15 days for regular, and 7days processing for rush and you can also have it delivered to your door step. This is very convenient for me, since I’m not familiar with other parts of Manila.


Processing Fee:
Regular (15 days processing): 950php
Special-Rush (7days processing): 1,200php
Pick-up: FREE
Courier thru LBC: 120php

So if you’re planning to have a passport or renew them, check DFA’s website for required document and make an appointment thru their website and make sure that you have an early schedule, some satellites office like in SM Megamall tend to be crowded, so if you want to finish the process early, make an early appointment.


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