My Unforgettable Travel Story: Singapore is Epic


When did I start loving everything about Korea? I guess, when I started watching Boys Over Flower and Gu Jun Pyo played by Lee Min Ho, a lot of my friends are talking about it. I got curious and since then, visiting South Korea is on my bucket list. So when I heard Korean Air Southeast Asia is giving a chance for bloggers to visit Korea, I told myself to why not try my luck and maybe, just maybe I might get a chance to win a trip to Korea for FREE by just sending my unforgettable travel story.  🙂 🙂 🙂


Anyways, I just want to share my unforgettable travel story to Singapore which is very unexpected and very epic in every sense. Actually this year, I was about to go to Korea, everything is set, I got the tickets, itinerary and the only missing is visa, but unfortunately I was denied and the whole planning just went to waste. But it didn’t stop me from getting the golden ticket to just visit and see Korea.

So I strategically planned to visit any country in Asia, so I can get my passport stamped and when I apply for a visa, I might finally get my golden ticket to Korea. So I came across a promo fare to Singapore to one of the airlines, though this is not on my priority list of the countries I want to visit, I just push this and didn’t think twice, I just told myself if I want my Korea dream to happen, this is time to start and push for my dream ^_^

Since it was a last minute planning, my friends and I gathered our resources and make this travel happen. I make the itinerary and plan our budget for this Singapore trip. This is my first out of the country travel so I’m a bit scared and reluctant about this travel. The day we were waiting came and finally this is it my Singapore trip 🙂 🙂 🙂

credit to the owner

credit to the owner

We arrived at Singapore passed midnight due to flight delayed (booo!), but we’re lucky that we have seen one of the best airlines in the world, Singapore is definitely of the big and cleanest airlines you can just actually just layover.

IMG_2288 IMG_2290

As much as I want to explore Singapore airline, we have a limited and hectic schedule that day, so after passing the immigration we went and took a cab going to the house of our host for the whole trip. Yehey! free accommodation. 🙂

First day on our itinerary list, we planned on going to KL Malaysia for an overnight stay, we have actually already bought our bus ticket going to Kuala Lumpur, One of the epic fails of our trip, the bus that is supposedly going to take us to KL, actually left us, it really pisses me off. Not to ruin our day, we make some adjustment on our itinerary and make our first day productive we headed to Marina Bay Sand for a photowalk.

IMG_2999-2 IMG_2979-2 IMG_2978-2 IMG_2311 IMG_2930-2

We just let our feet take us to places and see where it leads us, thanks to some locals that are helpful enough to guide us to the nearest MRT station.

What’s nice about the Singapore transportation is it is very efficient, clean and organized, we enjoyed taking the bus and MRT to get to places, since it more cheaper than taking a cab. Taxis in Singapore can be expensive especially if your traveling alone, I would recommend commuting since its fun and cheap. 🙂20130928-183254.jpg

On our second day, we went to explore Sentosa Island, one of the famous places to go there is the Universal Studio Singapore. Singapore trip won’t be complete without taking a picture of the USS globe. Since we are already there, we didn’t miss the chance to experience the exciting rides that Universal Studio Singapore boast and take note we got our ticket for only 70SG$ 😀 😀 😀

IMG_3285-2 IMG_2641[1] IMG_3112-2 IMG_2353-2 IMG_3150-2 IMG_3118-2 IMG_3154-2 IMG_3233-2



My personal favorite ride is the Mummy, Transformer and Galactica. A must try! You will also see a lot of street performance and familiar characters from your childhood.

After a day of seeing USS, we went to Beach Station, to catch the Songs of the Sea show, if you love the mini water show at Marina Bay, you will surely love the water show in Songs of the Sea, catch the amazing, colorful water show with matching laser light. (thumbs up!) perfect for families and kids.

IMG_3344 IMG_3352 IMG_3360 IMG_3372

Third day in Singapore is amazing and at the same time tiring, we met a foreign traveler thru a friend, he’s really into backpacking and has traveled a lot of country already. Though its also his first time in Singapore, he really knew how to see the tourist attraction backpacking way. We head out early in the morning and started our city tour in Little India. We took the MRT and stop at Little India Station and the rest is history.



20130928-214622.jpgMy Realization: If you want to see the beauty of a country be prepared to walk. You’ll see even the smallest treasure that they have that your haven’t seen before. Though I’m tired, I’m happy that I did the walking around SIngapore 😀 😀

After all the walking, traveling wouldn’t be complete without shopping and eating 🙂 🙂 🙂IMG_3535 IMG_3531If your looking for cheap souvenir for friends and family back home, you can check Bugis and Chinatown, you’re sure to get good deals at a reasonable price 😀

You’ll be amaze how diverse the food choices are there in Singapore, so if you are in Singapore, never miss a chance to try their delicacies and different food choices.

20130928-232719.jpg 20130928-232656.jpg 20130928-232639.jpg 20130928-232613.jpg 20130928-232556.jpg

The whole experience is very memorable and very liberating. Traveling to other country is like opening a world that have never existed before. It also makes me an independent person and somehow conquer my fear of traveling. It makes me want to learn more of other culture, experience and enjoy different countries has to offer. So if given a chance to visit Korea, I will definite make that trip a memorable and one for the books for sure. 😀 😀 😀

So please let me win this trip!



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