Singapore: Photowalk Part2


After the water show by the bay, we continued our photo-walking tour to Helix and Singapore Flyer.


Marina Bay Sands

IMG_2979-2 IMG_2989-2



The Helix Bridge


We barely knew where we are heading, we just follow the flow of people and worry about later, on how we’re gonna get home πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

After walking the Helix Bridge, Singapore Flyer is just around the corner so we walk toward one of the tourist spots in Singapore, don’t worry, you won’t get lost since you can see it even from afar, just follow where most people go. Tourist spots in Singapore can be easily located but I warn you, if your going to walk from one tourist spot to another, walking is no joke!

credit to Unys

credit to Unys


Singapore Flyer


across is the Botanical Garden


It is really an amazing view at Singapore. We did not ride the Singapore Flyer, but probably on the next visit? ehe :D. After checking out the place, we decided to go back to our place and check where the “nearest” MRT station is, so we just followed the sign to MRT,


Since my friend and I were not geographically expert, we just ask some local on how to get to the nearest station, luckily for us, a family going to the same direction, they are very kind to assist us for direction and allow us to follow them going to the MRT, and mind you I think we walk almost three blocks going to Promenade station


this adorable family – credit to Unys

Thanks to this family for showing our way, not sure if they’re locals of also vising the country. To sum up our day, though the plan did not go the way we planned it to be, still we had fun and enjoy the rest of the day walking around Singapore.


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