Lee Min Ho goes back to Manila


To all Lee Min Ho fans its confirmed! 🙂 🙂 🙂 He’ll be back to Manila for his My Everything World Tour on July 6, 2013 at Mall of Asia Arena. 

picture not mine

picture not mine

Ticket Prices:
VIP Reserved Seats – P7,500
PATRON Reserved Seats – P5,400
LOWER BOX A (201-202/221-222 | ROWS A-E OF 203-207/216-220) Reserved Seats – P5,400
LOWER BOX B (6TH ROW ONWARDS OF 203-207/216-220) Reserved Seats – P3,675
UPPER BOX Reserved Seats – P1,575

Tickets now available at SM Tickets

The first time I heard that his coming back to Manila, I told myself that I have to go and see him again. But the question is, how much are the tickets? And when I heard tickets are already on sale in all SM Ticketnet, I quickly checked their website, and to my surprised of the ticket prices are so pricey! Whoaw! As much as I wanted to see him up close, I can’t afford to buy the VIP ticket so I guess I’ll just have tp settle to a much lesser section, at least I will be able to see him even on the big screen in the Arena (I hope they do have those big screens. 🙂 ) Its weird to listen to an artist where in language is a barrier, I’m sure he’ll be singing songs from his album which are all in Korean, but for me Korean songs has that certain charm that even if you barely understand a thing, you feel as if you understand it, probably its because of the melody and the depth of feeling of the Korean singers. As for Lee Min Ho this is a surprise for all of his fans, he does not only limit his talent to acting but a plus point for him to be able to showcase his talent for singing. I do hope he sings a Filipino song, I’m sure Filipinos we’ll surely get so kilig! heehee…

I hope there we’ll be a meet and greet again before the concert. ^_^ I’ll be waiting!


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