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Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay with the family

The whole family went on an short overnight trip in Tanay just to get the family together and spend time to bond and enjoy each others company. My cousins made all the preparation and organize the trip, I’m just a bit disappointed since the information about the budget and other details were not clearly relayed to us. Though it was short I still enjoyed the short escape from the life in the not so city and work. I got to spend with my little nephews/nieces/god-daughter and just relax and cool off from scorching heat. Just an hour from Antipolo, Bakasyunan Resort is a new resort in Tanay where family and friends can enjoy,  and if your company is looking for a corporate outing or even team buildings, this is the place for you. They have a lot of amenities which can be used for team buildings.


IMG_2838 IMG_2839 IMG_2845

Check-in time is 1:30PM, they are very strict when it comes to checking-in, so if you happen to be in the resort earlier, you will have to kill time until you’ll be allowed to check-in. Bringing of foods is allowed but you have to pay a corkage fee, but they are not very strict about it though.

We booked a room for 10 person which cost 7500php per night. When we get there, the room is already cleaned up. The room is just simple, just white beddings, a small refrigerator, a television with 10-channels (hahaha!) and a bathroom. Good thing their AC is cool and working perfectly, since the kids really really need some cooling off from the hot weather.

Kids are so excited to swim, it doesn’t bother them if they all get sunburned.

IMG_2826 IMG_2829

And if you happen to get hungry with all the swimming and did not bother to bring food, the resort offers a menu of foods that you can choose from. Prices of their food is average. but I would still prefer if you bring your own food.

The next day, we woke up early and made a quick dip in the pool before checking-out. Check-out time is 11:30AM, so we make the most out of the time that is left .

IMG_2855 IMG_2881 IMG_2891

Over all stay at Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay is really good, but there are still more room for this resort for improvement. The place and view where the resort is located is really peaceful and quiet with matching green scenery. They just have to continue to be attentive to their guest and improve their services and amenities to attract more guests. The place is really promising 🙂 🙂 🙂

Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay

Sitio Balimbing, Barangay Plaza Aldea, Tanay Rizal Tanay 1980‎

0922 840 9402

2 thoughts on “Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay with the family”

  1. I agree – room for improvement!Only 2 channels on tv, food is average and takes a loong time – they say 20/30mins on the menu but more like 30/45mins! so try what I did – take your toddler up earlier for breakfast,and have a waitress curse at you with THE ABSOLUTE WORSE tagalog curse you can imagine. Because Im a white Australian she didnt know I can speak Tagalog! So I think ok,its not the resorts fault about one employee…. wow, I can see it runs through the whole place! Dont take your kids into the team building area – my daughter almost picked up a very dried up used form of contraceptive…aside from the other trash! The views and pool are great – dont stay overnight – better for a day trip and take your own food so you dont need anything from staff. If Managment give you problems tell them Melissa says “Hi”

    1. We were just there yesterday, for a company outing, I must say there have been improvements from the last time I was there.. Haven’t checked their room if there have been improvements, we were just there for a day tour and more of a team building but if we get a chance to stay there again with friends or family I will give them your regards.. ^_^.. Thanks!

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