I’m proud to be 30!


Today, I turned a year older.. no BIGGIE! But for some people, they think being single and 30 is not normal, people around you start asking when are you getting married? or if you have a boyfriend. For me, I’ll just give them a big smile and answer them “and SO?” Since when the age became the basis if a person should get married and settling down, I still believe that it pays to wait for the right person (may kasabihan nga “PATIENCE is a VIRTUE!! hahaha)



Anyways, this is not being bitter about me turning 30 but celebrating 30 years of existence. A lot of things have happen in my life, and every step along the way is lesson charged to experience. Up to this date, I’m still that girl, that is so eager to learn and excited to welcome new things that is coming ahead of me. I’m the type of girl that would want to understand everything, how life works, be a better person and not judging people. I wanted to constantly learn, and experience the joys of life.

As I enter a new phase of my life, I want to enjoy myself and share more memories with my family and friends, be wiser and fight for what I believe in. Travel more and learn from it, I always believe that seeing the world, makes a person wiser.Β  Meet more people and learn to trust them. From now on, I’m looking forward to more good memories.


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