AirPhil Express Promo – Buy 2, Take 1 (Bogus or Marketing Strategy)


AirPhil Express has launched their Buy 2 Take 1 Promo to Manila – Singapore v.v and Manila – Kaula Lumpur v.v. Since the Korean Dream have to wait, I have to make sure that, the next time I apply for a Korean Visa, that I’ll have that visa on my passport. So for now, I have to make that happen, even if it means that I have to travel first to a non-visa countries just to prove my purpose for entering their country is just to have a vacation nothing more and nothing less.


At first look you think this is a good deal, since your just paying for two person and the third person is FREE! Once you book the two person you might think its kinna expensive for two person, but since three people are sharing for the price of two people, its not bad after all. I booked a flight to Manila – Singapore v.v for 5 days but in reality its just 4 days since the flight from Manila to Singapore is 8:25PM and arrival to Singapore airport is around 11:55PM so its obviously doesn’t account anymore. Since I’m going for a cheap flights to other countries, I grab the promo for Singapore and probably do a side trip to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, take note that this will be my first trip outside the Philippines and I’m going with my two other colleagues, who are also first timer, we availed of the promo. (hoping we can pull it off 🙂 )

Anyways, after paying for the tickets, I thought were done and will just have to claim for the free tickets the next day. I went to AirPhil’s ticketing office in Cubao, to claim the FREE ticket, there’s a long queue of people, I didn’t expect that there will be a lot of people still booking for last minute flights to provinces since long weekend is coming. I was second to the last person to be accommodated  that day, and when my number was called I told the agent that I’m claiming for the ticket for the Buy 2 Take 1 Promo. I was surprise, when the agent told me that I still have to pay the fees, other charges and travel tax. (what?! I thought this is FREE?!)


At first I thought its just a minimal charges, but Woahhh! when I heard how much I still have to pay, its like I’m paying for a new person at promo price? So where is the FREE? Its just annoying and deceiving for consumers, to mislead them that what their getting is really a good deal and yet its just a marketing strategy for them to get consumers attention. Once again, lesson learned, The next time AirPhil will have this kind of promo I would probably think twice before purchasing their promo or call their call center for more details and real deal behind it.

Since we really wanted this trip to push thru, I have no choice but to pay the additional fees. But as for AirPhil, we’ll see! I guess this only confirms what other consumers says about AirPhil.. Tsktsk!

Did it ever happen to you? Or experienced any misleading info regarding promo to other airlines. I would love to hear your experience it might help me the next time I purchase tickets online.

(Please take note that the free tickets for this promo cannot be claimed to PAL Ticketing Offices, but to AirPhil ticketing offices ONLY. Check out their website for the locations of their ticketing offices) 


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