Misadventure # 1: Off we go to Korean Embassy


I really don’t know how to start or if I even want to share my misadventure to Korean Embassy.

Today is the day I have been waiting for, I have been preparing all the documents needed for my Korean Visa, I have done my research on what I need and where I can submit all the requirements for the visa. I have also read a couple of blogs on how to get to Korean Embassy. From the blogs that I read there areΒ  two ways you can get there: 1.) from Guadalupe Station, you ride jeepneys that are going McKinley via C5 road and that’s it, the only land mark they are saying are,its near Jollibee and Petron. (Me: uhmmm Ok!?!) or 2.) is you ride a taxi and they will take you there.

Our misadventure started when we ride the wrong jeepney, we already told manong driver to drop us off near the Embassy,Β  we already passed the McKinley but dedmakels pa rin si manong, we were already lost and don’t know where to go, when my friend saw this Korean emblem and thought that was the Korean Embassy we make para to manong driver, but to our dismay the place is just a Korean Museum *toinks* so we have to move on and find the Korean Embassy fast, I’m getting furious and worried, that if we didn’t get there on time, we might not be able submit our documents.

So we took another jeepney and told manong to drop us to Korean Embassy, but he told us that we have to walk to get to the embassy (Me: Ok manong!) When were already at McKinley Hills, manong told us to just follow the people in front of us. When we’re entering the McKinley Hills we asked manong guard where is Korean Embassy and he told us its on the other side of McKinley Hills.. (Huwaat!!) We asked if we can walk but he told us to just take a taxi or a free shuttle that will take us there.


At first we decided to take the free shuttle since it is free πŸ™‚ , but from where we are standing traffic is so bad and we don’t know what time the shuttle will arrive so we took the taxi instead. My friend and I sigh in relief when we finally reach the Upper McKinley Street, where the Korean Embassy is located, but then I just realized, deym its not even near, nganga ang drama namin if we decided to walk, the taxi took some turns and we don’t even know where he is headed, basta makarating kami sa Korean Embassy, buti na lang talaga (hee hee :)) Manong taxi driver drop us off just beside the embassy.

Approaching the embassy is like a major major excitement for me, I’m just excited that we’ll finally arrive after a super long travel (according to the blogs its a 15 to 20 mins travel) but it feels like forever (exagge lang!) πŸ™‚ When were already in front of the gate, I felt relieved that there are only few people and its not even open yet. (that’s weird) that’s when one of the guard told us that the EMBASSY is closed! Huuuuuuuwaaaatt the Efff! WALANG PASOK!


They just told us that today is Korea’s Independence Day (now I know!), just come back on Monday! (Huwaat ulit! sa dinami daming araw ngayon pa talaga?) We were so pissed of all that we went thru, then we just realized that this is a major misadventure, what more if we’re already in Korea then we just laughed out loud to ourselves.

Oh well there’s always a second time. I just couldn’t help but laugh everytime I think of what happen today. Things like this is charge to experience. Hoping for more misadventure, I mean happy misadventure! Ciao!


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