Review: Kogi Bulgogi


Who says Valentines is celebrated only on the day itself (February 14), no matter what day it is, love should always be celebrated. Since February 15, 2013 is payday Friday and it’s post Valentines Day, its not yet late for friends, families and lovers to spend this day and celebrate Valentines.

Friday has always been the most stressful day for me, since I have work to finish and report to submit (chos), my way of distressing is spending time with friends to unwind and getting ready for the weekend ahead. Since I’m a big fan of Korean culture, trying Korean food is a must.

Found a Korean Cuisine around the Metro: Kogi Bulgogi is located on the 2nd level of Eastwood Mall in Quezon City (veranda area)


The place is a small, cozy, well lighted place. They have small bamboo plants as part of their interior which makes the place you would want to stay more. They also have comfortable table couches outside the restaurant if you and friends prefer outside the restaurant. They also have free-wifi (that i didn’t get the chance to use) you can ask the person serving you for the password if you need a quick access to internet. To get the Korean vibe they are greeting guests in Korean (Annyeonghaseyo!), Korean music is also playing in the background, i just don’t recognize whose music and artist it is ^_^


Their menu is limited to Korean dishes, so if you really want to try Korean cuisine in their true nature you can try Kogi Bulgogi, I’m just disappointed with their menu on dessert, because they are only limited to ice cream. I’m so curious what Koreans eat for dessert, i guess they really love ice cream, even in Korean dramas ice cream and yogurts are their choices for sweets/dessert i guess.Β  Prices of their food is average, they ranges from 200php – 400php which is ok since serving size enough and can leave you full.

Our food:


Korean dishes are popular with their side-dishes. I’m very much excited on the side dish part, because not all restaurant provide side dishes, you have to order it separately and be charge for it, but with Korean food, they have finger food before your order really arrives. They may be small servings but it’s just enough to enjoy everything that has been served. They’re all delicious. YUM! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


I’m not so sure with the name of the dish but this really looks like Gyoza, only it is the small version. This dish can be eaten steamed or fried, I’m just disappointed because of their serving size, infairness it is really good. You might want to order another one.


I ordered the chiken bibimbap. YUM! I think the best way to eat a bibimbap is to mix everything and make a good sauce, it makes the food more flavorful. it has a chili paste which is included to this dish. Koreans are known for their spicy foods, but I’m not fan of super spicy foods so to mellow the spiciness I mixed the soy sauce and small amount of the chili paste, and VIOLA its perfect for adding flavor to the dish.


My friend ordered a beef and mushroom rice topping. Simple but very delicious, the meat is just right and tasty. By the way if you ordered an iced tea you’ll get a 1 free re-fill ^_^.

I really enjoyed the food here, too bad I didn’t get to try the lettuce wrap which is also common Korean food. I would definitely come back and try other dishes. πŸ™‚ You should too!


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