Skechers Sneaker Giveaway Contest


I have been raving about the new Skechers +3 sneakers. I really really love to have a pair of those sneakers but since I’ have been saving up for an up coming vacation, I have been controlling myself not to spend much, so I just have to adore it from afar and promised myself that I’ll buy a pair, one of these days. But to my surprise, they came up with a His and Her Skechers Sneaker Giveaway, and I told myself that this my ticket to get a FREE pair for the Skechers +3 sneaker.

You have to submit a His and Her look from the list of sneakers that they posted, and the concept is for Valentines Day. I read the mechanics and created a look as my entry for the contest. These are the look that I made thru Polyvore.

Look 1

Look 1 – For Girls

Look 2

Look 2 – For Girls

Look1 - For Boys

Look1 – For Boys

Look 2 - For Boys

Look 2 – For Boys

I hope my entry wins, and I would get that sneakers for free!

The shoes ^_^

The shoes ^_^

To know more about the contest you can check Skechers Philippines FB Page or Love Chic for full mechanics of the contest.


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