[LATE POST] Boracay Cravings


I always wanted to eat sea foods whenever I’m in places like beaches. You can find a lot of restaurants and common fast food chains around Boracay especially around D’Mall. But since, I rarely go to beach, I thought of trying something I don’t eat on a regular basis. While walking along Station 2 there are restaurants that offers “paluto-type” for sea foods, but the price is way to expensive. I heard at D’Talipapa, they are offering “paluto” which is much cheaper and you can ask for discount for the seafoods, and because I’m craving for sugpo and crab, we really look for the place they call D’Talipapa. Prices of “Paluto” depends on the type of food you like them to cook.

 We had four menu for lunch. But I only took three pictures of our menu of our lunch. These can feed 5 people, but me and my boyfie ate all of them. Busog much!! Try it and at the end of it you will say “THIS IS LIFE!” ☺☺☺

  — Sinabawang Tahong —

— Chili Sauce Crab —

 — Sinigang na Sugpo —

All the foods are really delicious. This is what I miss, the food.. ♥♥♥

D’Talipapa is not only known for “paluto” they also have cheap souvenirs. ☺


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